Freeciv-web server id: 6128

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Version Patches Capabilities State Ruleset Server ID
3.0.90-dev none +Freeciv.Web.Devel-3.0 Running Classic ruleset
Flag Leader Nation User Type
england Alfred the Great English Unassigned A.I.
venetic Fugia Veneti Unassigned A.I.
pirate Henry Morgan Pirates Unassigned Barbarian
sabinium Koutsou Sabines koutsou Human
jolof Lat-Koddu Jolof Unassigned A.I.
gael Naomh Pádraig Gaels Unassigned A.I.
hainan Qin Liangyu Miao Unassigned A.I.
palatinate Ruprecht III Palatinate Germans Unassigned A.I.
barbarian Stilicho Barbarians Unassigned Dead
palmyra Vabalathus Palmyrenes Unassigned A.I.

Name Value
aifill 8
allowtake H1Ah1adOo
endturn 5000
generator RANDOM
maxplayers 32
minplayers 1
size 5
timeout 0
turn 100
year -25
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