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Version Patches Capabilities State Ruleset Server ID
3.0.90-dev none +Freeciv.Web.Devel-3.0 Running Classic ruleset
Flag Leader Nation User Type
barbarian Attila Barbarians Unassigned Barbarian
pirate Calico Jack Pirates Unassigned Barbarian
pict Ciniod Picts Unassigned A.I.
usa Eleanor Roosevelt Americans Unassigned A.I.
chad François Tombalbaye Chadians Unassigned A.I.
uruguay Fredkipler Uruguayans fredkipler Human
russia Iosif Stalin Russians Unassigned A.I.
guyana Janet Rosenberg Jagan Guyanese Unassigned A.I.
dominica Jennes Armour Dominicans Unassigned A.I.
japan Mutsuhito Japanese Unassigned A.I.
libya Ramadan as Suwaythi Libyans Unassigned A.I.
saint_kitts_and_nevis Thomas Warner Kittitians and Nevisians Unassigned A.I.
cuba Unassigned Cubans Unassigned A.I.
kanem-bornu Unassigned2 Kanem-Bornu Unassigned A.I.
ryukyu Unassigned3 Ryukyuans Unassigned A.I.
nigeria Unassigned4 Nigerians Unassigned A.I.

Name Value
aifill 10
allowtake HAhadOo
endturn 5000
generator RANDOM
maxplayers 18
minplayers 1
timeout 0
turn 258
xsize 84
year 1764
ysize 56
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