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Version Patches Capabilities State Ruleset Server ID
3.0.90-dev none +Freeciv.Web.Devel-3.0 Running Classic ruleset
Flag Leader Nation User Type
qatar Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani Qataris Unassigned A.I.
pirate Anne Bonny Pirates Unassigned Barbarian
pakistan Benazir Bhutto Pakistanis Unassigned A.I.
hre Ferdinandus I Holy Romans Unassigned A.I.
valknut Hildibadus Ostrogoths Unassigned A.I.
brunei Hussin Kamaluddin Bruneians Unassigned A.I.
mazovia Janusz II Mazovians Unassigned A.I.
schleswig-holstein Karl Friedrich Schleswig-Holsteinians Unassigned A.I.
trinidad_and_tobago Ralph Abercromby Trinidadians and Tobagonians Unassigned A.I.
venezuela Rómulo Betancourt Venezuelans Unassigned A.I.
north_korea Rondal North Koreans rondal Human
friuli Sigeard di Beilstein Friulian Unassigned A.I.
bhutan Ugyen Wangchuck Bhutanese Unassigned A.I.
cuba Unassigned Cubans Unassigned A.I.
slovenia Unassigned2 Slovenians Unassigned A.I.
denmark Unassigned3 Danes Unassigned A.I.

Name Value
aifill 12
allowtake HAhadOo
endturn 5000
generator RANDOM
maxplayers 18
minplayers 1
timeout 0
turn 201
xsize 84
year 1500
ysize 56
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