LongTurn Game 2 for Freeciv-web

Join the largest ever multiplayer game for Freeciv-web: 250 players! The second LongTurn game for Freeciv-web is starting up now. The first game has already started, with 150 human players. Based on the feedback from the first game, we have started an even bigger new  LongTurngame. This LongTurn game will have these settings: -250 human […]

Freeciv WebGL 3D Development Status

Today a new release of Freeciv WebGL 3D was released to play.freeciv.org. The new version contains these improvements: Performance improvements to the 3D rendering and using better materials on the 3D models. Update to the latest build of Three.js and jQuery 3.2.1. Many minor bugfixes, all of them listed on the project page on GitHub.   We […]

Freeciv-web now has hotseat multiplayer mode

Freeciv-web now has a new hotseat multiplayer mode. This is a multiplayer game where two or more players plays on the same device by taking turns playing the game. Wikipedia has some background about the game mode. To start a new hotseat game, go to the main page of Freeciv-web, then click on the hotseat button, and fill […]