LongTurn Game 2 for Freeciv-web

Join the largest ever multiplayer game for Freeciv-web: 250 players! The second LongTurn game for Freeciv-web is starting up now. The first game has already started, with 150 human players. Based on the feedback from the first game, we have started an even bigger new  LongTurngame. This LongTurn game will have these settings: -250 human […]

Play-by-Email support in Freeciv-web

Freeciv-web now supports Play-by-Email games! To play such as game, use the  “Play By Email”  button on the frontpage of play.freeciv.org. The game will have two human players playing alternating turns, competing to win using standard Freeciv-web rules. Each player will get an e-mail when it is their turn to play. Please complete your turn […]

Introducing the Freeciv-web blog

This is the first post, of hopefully many, on the new Freeciv-web blog! On this blog the Freeciv-web developers will be posting updates about any news related to the project. So check back here often to find about about upcoming features, new releases and learn interesting things about the art of playing Freeciv that you did not know before. […]