LongTurn Web game 8 started on Freeciv-web!

LongTurn Web game #8 has started on play.freeciv.org and you can join it now! Each turn lasts 23 hours, so every player will play one turn every day. There will be up to 300 human players in this game!

Freeciv-web is an open source strategy game developed by volunteers on GitHub. The Freeciv project was founded in 1996. The first LongTurn game on Freeciv-web started in May 2017. Since then we have been continally improving the game based on the feedback from users.

Joining this game now requires a validated Google account. So users are authenticated using Google Signin. Based on experiences from the previous games, we have found that the games will be more pleasant to participate in when there is proper authentication of the users. This also ensures that the game rules are followed and we then have the means to stop players who are not following the rules. Since authenticating users with a Google account has been so important in ensuring player behaviour is always good, we have decided to stop previous games where players were not authenticated using Google signin.

Further, the moderation processes for the LongTurn games have been improved. There is now a dediacted game moderator, who can be contacted onĀ freeciv-web-moderation@tutanota.com.

Please disable ad-blockers, because we have found that Google signin doesn’t work well (or at all) with ad-blockers. Also please remember that this website’s operations are funded by ads.

Check out the Freeciv-web discord chat also!

Join the LongTurn Freeciv-web game 8 here!

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