Status of Freeciv-web LongTurn games 1 and 2

This is a status update on the two first LongTurn games on Freeciv-web. There are currently five LongTurn games running on Freeciv-web, where up to 300 human players can compete at Freeciv playing one turn every day. The two first games were more testing-games, which we can learn from and improve the future games. In this article some statistics about the games will be presented, as well as screenshots of the full game maps showing all the nations.

For some more background information, see LongTurn on the Freeciv Wiki. There is also a blog post on LongTurn Game #5, which you can join now here.


LongTurn Game 1:

This was the first LongTurn game on Freeciv-web, started April 18, 2017. See the original blog post here. The game seems to progress nicely still, with many daily active players.
– Turn 81.
– 136 of 150 human players still alive. Some players have given up or are idle.
– 11.000 map tiles

Screenshot from Game 1. Click for full size:



LongTurn Game 2:

This game was started April 28, 2017. See the original blog post here. This game had more players and a larger map.

– Turn 76.
– 236 of 250 human players still alive.┬áSome players have given up or are idle.
– 30.000 map tiles

Screenshot from Game 2. Click for full size:


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Anyone can join LongTurn games on Freeciv-web. The fifth game was started June 23, 2017, and we will soon start LongTurn game #6 on Freeciv-web.

Join Freeciv-web LongTurn game #5 here!

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