LongTurn game 3 for Freeciv-web has started

LongTurn game 3 for Freeciv-web has started today!  

Join LongTurn game 3 here!

This LongTurn game will have up to 250 human players, on a very large map with 30000 map tiles.

Every turn lasts 23 hours. You can play your first turn immediately now, and your next turn tomorrow.

Some information about the previous LongTurn game can be found here. Both the previous LongTurn games are still running, where 34 and 39 turns has been played so far. It will be exciting to see who the champion of the first two games will be also!

You can also find some more information about LongTurn on the Freeciv wiki.


Above you can see my starting nation after having played the first turn.

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