Freeciv WebGL 3D still improving!

Freeciv WebGL 3D was just updated with a new versionĀ on today!
This is a free and open source strategy game which has been in development since 1996.
We are trying hard to improve the new 3D WebGL version of the game.
The new release included many improvements to the rendering of the game, such as
an update of the Three.js 3D engine, improved rivers and more textures on the Blender 3D models.

For the next release, we are focusing on implementing support for glTF 2.0,
to improve the way the 3D models are stored, tranferred and rendered.
However, currently there is no working exporter from Blender which exports to glTF 2.0,
so we hope someone will make a good glTF 2.0 exporter for Blender.

We are looking forward to your feedback!!

Freeciv WebGL 3D can be played here!

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