LongTurn Game 2 for Freeciv-web

Join the largest ever multiplayer game for Freeciv-web: 250 players!

The second LongTurn game for Freeciv-web is starting up now. The first game has already started, with 150 human players. Based on the feedback from the first game, we have started an even bigger new  LongTurngame. This LongTurn game will have these settings:

-250 human players!
-30.000 tiles, that is 173 x 173 tiles!
-One turn per day!

This is a LongTurn game, which is a Freeciv multiplayer game where the turns are about 23 hours each, so one logs in once per day to do their turn. This format allows for more players to play at once, more time to strategize, more time to coordinate with other players, and less rushing to get things done, which can occur in a standard multi-player Freeciv game. It takes a lot longer to play a game, about 2 to 6 months, but you can play it just a little bit every day. If you are not playing for 12 days, then someone else can take over your player.

The game will use the multiplayer ruleset, with x2 unit movement rates.

Please post your feedback on the forum.

Join the LongTurn game 2 here!


2 thoughts on “LongTurn Game 2 for Freeciv-web”

  1. So 1 big problem here is communication.

    I signed up for that first 150 player long term play. I did not get any notification when it started. There was no official start date. For a few weeks I checked in on the player count then decided to wait as it seemed it’d be a while.

    Now it is turn 6/7 and I see the game is in full flow. I don’t want to play starting at that disadvantage? That sucks.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. LongTurn games from now on start immediately, so there is no need to be notified of when the game is starting. Players can join the game any time they want, as long as there is still available player slots.

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