Freeciv-web with 3D WebGL version in early beta available

Freeciv-web is now available with a 3D WebGL version for public testing. It uses the Three.js 3D engine. The game is available in 3D for both desktop and mobile devices.

Freeciv-web is a free and open source strategy game playable in a web-browser. The first 2D version of the game was created in 1996 by three danish students. A 3D version of this game has been requested by users frequently, and now the 3D version is finally starting to take shape. The game is a volunteer effort and anyone is welcome to contribute to the project. The source code of the game is available on GitHub and new developers and 3D artists are welcome to improve the game. The game is still under heavy development and contains a lot of known bugs. Still this beta version is released early to get feedback from the players of the game.

The 3D WebGL version will work on any modern version of Google Chrome, Firefox Safari and Microsoft Edge, but the device has to have hardware 3D support for WebGL to work.

Support for virtual reality using Google Cardboard is also under development.

Please post feedback and bugreports about the 3D WebGL version on the forum.

Play the 3D WebGL version here by clicking on the Singleplayer 3D Beta button here.


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